Thirsty Girl loves Twitter and we love our Thirsty Girl Twitter followers. So, we thought that a fun and fabulous way to be able to connect and chat with our Twitter community would be with #TGChat. “TG Chats” are Twitter chats themed around a topic. These chats are announced a few weeks in advance and generally start at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST. We (highly) encourage everyone to take a little vacation from work, afternoon errands, or to-do-lists and join us to chat for a bit about the topic du jour.

What is #TGChat?

#TGChats are not sponsored but are meant to be about having fun with other Twitterers for sharing tips and ideas and having fun! We also use #TGChat as a wine and food education opportunity where we will choose a topic that we think will be of interest to our Twitter community and then feature a guest expert on that topic. Past Twitter chats included tweeting and picking the brain of our very own wine expert and head Thirsty Girl, Leslie Sbrocco (@lesliesb).

Here are some of the topics we’ve chatted about during #TGChat:

February 7, 2011: Valentine’s Day Wines with Leslie. Some of the questions we covered:

  • Need to surprise your lover with something sexy, flirty, or fun?
  • Red or white?
  • How expensive, do I need to spend to impress?
  • New love? Don’t know what they drink? What’s a middle-of-the-road wine anyone will enjoy?
  • Bubbles or no bubbles?

March 23, 2011: Latin Lovers. Hot wines from Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Chile.
Leslie Sbrocco and our Thirsty Girl team tweeted, chatted, and answered any questions about Latin wines, from general to specific. The nuances, benefits and wonders of all wines a little more sexy.

April 6, 2011: The Basics: top ten questions answered, from stemware to serving temperatures.

April 20, 2011: Easter and Mother’s Day options. Ideas for drinks from wine, to cocktails, to gift ideas.

Who Can Participate in a #TGChat?

Anyone from anywhere! That’s the beauty of TGChat, just log into your Twitter account (or sign up for a free account HERE) and then follow #TGChat hashtag for all the tweets while jumping in any time with your tweets. (and be sure to tag your tweets with #TGChat so others who are following along can see them) While we are mostly a community of Thirsty Girls, Thirsty Guys are also welcome to join in for TGChat.

How to Participate in #TGChat

To participate and to follow along, just be sure to tag all of your tweets with #TGChat. You can also check out this handy Twitter Chat guide by our social media coach, Janet Fouts.

Easy ways to follow along are to:

  • Type in #TGChat in the top search bar of the and this will auto-refresh with new tweets from the chat as they come up.
  • Use TweetGrid as a way to monitor multiple columns at once. Just click on the type of grid you would like and then log in and add the #TGChat hashtag
  • TweetChat is another online tool that you can use to keep track of the conversation.
  • If you use Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or Seesmic, you can add a column just for the #TGChat tag and all new tweets will show up in that column.

We also post about any upcoming chats on our events calendar with complete details about the chat, the topic and any guests we’ll be featuring.

We also host #TGTaste which is are sponsored Twitter chats where we all get together and chat about a sponsored product which often includes participation from the sponsor providing TGTasters with the opportunity to ask questions and get information about the products directly from the sponsor. You can read more here about #TGTaste.

Follow us on Twitter @beathirstygirl for all the latest updates and information about upcoming #TGChats.

Remember, it’s all chatting under 140 characters, keeping the questions and comments flowing. Be sure to invite all your Thirsty Girl friends and to come and tweet along!

If you have an idea or a topic that you think would be fun for #TGChat, please fill out the form below:


If are interested in being a featured expert or guest for one of our #TGChats, please fill out the form below: