What is TG Taste?

TGTaste are sponsored Twitter chats which are hosted by Thirsty Girl.  You can follow along here with any #TGTaste. For TGTaste, Thirsty Girl works with sponsors who have services or products that we feel the Thirsty Girl Community would like to know more about. With TGTaste, we usually select some TGTasters from our Twitter Community to try some samples from the sponsor. TGTasters are encouraged to participate in the TGTaste Twitter chat or to blog about the product or event but they are not required to do so.

With TGTaste, a date and time are set and the event is promoted for several weeks in advance to generate buzz and excitement. But most of all, they are FUN! It gives Thirsty Girls from all over a chance to get together to chat, tweet, taste and sip all at the same time. Past TGTaste events have been very successful with high levels of participation. TGTasters will share their opinions, tweet photos of their tasting or who they are tasting with along with their thoughts and opinion about the topic or product being featured.

For sponsors, TGTaste Twitter chats are provide a fun opportunity for a company to generate some buzz online about their product and for Thirsty Girls, TGTaste is a way to connect with other Thirsty Girls and to show the rest of the Twitter Universe just what it means to be Thirsty Girls.

Who Can Participate in a TG Taste Twitter Chat?

Anyone from anywhere! That’s the beauty of TGTaste, just log into your Twitter account (or sign up for a free account HERE) and then follow #TGTaste hashtag for all the tweets while jumping in any time with your tweets. While we are mostly a community of Thirsty Girls, Thirsty Guys are also welcome to join in for TGTaste. TGTaste isn’t just for those who may have received complimentary samples, we encourage anyone our community to go out and grab a sample of their own and taste along with us.

How to Participate in #TGTaste Twitter Chat
To participate and to follow along, just be sure to tag all of your tweets with #TGTaste or any other hashtags we might be using. You can also check out this handy Twitter Chat guide by our social media coach, Janet Fouts.

Easy ways to follow along are to:

  • Type in #TGTaste in the top search bar of the Twitter.com and this will auto-refresh with new tweets from the chat as they come up.
  • Use TweetGrid as a way to monitor multiple columns at once. Just click on the type of grid you would like and then log in and add the #TGTaste hashtag
  • TweetChat is another online tool that you can use to keep track of the conversation.
  • If you use Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or Seesmic, you can add a column just for the #TGTaste tag and all new tweets will show up in that column.

Click here for some the tweets from previous #TGTastes.

We also post about any upcoming chats HERE with complete details about the chat and the sponsor. We also host #TGChat which is an unsponsored Twitter chat where we all get together and chat about different topics of interest to the Thirsty Girl Community. You can read more here about #TGChat.

Past Sponsors of TGTaste have included:

TGTaste Success Stories

TGTaste events are promoted on the Thirsty Girl site as well as on the Thirsty Girl Facebook Page (to almost 8,500 fans) and Twitter (over 6,600 followers).

Here are some of the results from the recent #TGTaste for Ghiradelli Intense Dark Chocolate:

  • Posts on the Thirsty Girl Facebook page about the chat receive over 3,500 impressions
  • Approximate tweet reach: 390,832 people
  • Exposure: almost 4 million impressions
  • Almost 900 tweets related to this tweet chat during the week of the chat with almost 600 of those tweets happening during the 1 hour chat.
  • Over 100 links shared

If you would like to sponsor a TGTaste, please fill out the form below:


If you are a Thirsty Girl who would like to participate in a TGTaste and be on the list to receive complimentary samples, please fill out the form below: