Starting a Chapter

No local Chapter in your area?  [Search for Chapters here.] Help us by starting your own Chapter with several of your friends. There are no hard and fast rules for starting a Chapter. Size, frequency or locations of gatherings– that’s all up to you. We have lots of helpful hints and tools for running your Chapter and having your own events and gatherings.

Note: All members must be a minimum age of 21, the legal drinking age in the U.S.

Steps to Getting Started

To help  get your local Chapter started, here are a few things to think about.

    • How often do you think you would like to meet? Once a  month, every two months, and so on.
    • Can you hold your Thirsty Girl meetings / events relatively consistently?
    • Do you prefer public or private venues?
    • What types of events would you prefer to host? (in-house wine tastings, winery tours, dinner at a local restaurant, movie nights, shopping trips, site-seeing excursions, etc.)
    • Do you have 1-2 other people in mind to help you manage your Chapter (especially important when life gets busy). If not, we can help you find some other willing participants.
    •  What size group are you most comfortable managing?  (1-10) (10-20) (25+)

Contact us here about getting your chapter up and running.

  • Set up your Chapter profile page and your local Chapter Facebook page (Thristy Girl will set you up as an Admin to your pages).
  • Feel Free to invite any Members to become part of your Chapter within the Thirsty Girl member network, even if they’re from somewhere else.
  • Utilize your Chapter roster online to send messages to your members for events and news etc.  ??
  • Reach out – Invite other women into your chapter.
    • Your Chapter will be posted to the Thirsty Girl website for other local women to find along with events you host.
    • Community outreach – local postings to let women know and come join in on the fun!
    • Networking – share across social networks and other tools.
  • Live life to the fullest by having fun! (Our mantra!) Plan fun events for and with your chapter members. And don’t forget we’re here to support you!


Download the Chapter Head Manual for reference.

Check out the FAQ Section for lots of tips & tools for how to put on and run great chapter groups and events.