The Goal of the Thirsty Girl Editorial staff, including but not limited to wine expert Leslie Sbrocco is to spread the word about wine, cocktails, food, and travel and fun. Thirsty Gil highlights things which our staff likes and believe to be of interest and most relevant to our readers. We taste hundreds of wines yearly, often in a blind situation but also taste extensively non-blind.

What is written on www.thirstygirl.com is the opinion of Thirsty Girl Editorial and from time to time other staffers and guest bloggers. It is our hope our readers will use this content to help them select food, wines, spirits, cocktails and recipes they might enjoy. The Thirsty Girl Editorial Team/Staff  travels around the world and while some of the trips are invited press trips there is never a guarantee of coverage. In addition, some Thirsty Girl Editorial travel, wine tasting, and meals are paid for by the company.

Thirsty Girl, LLC is a business and we are supported by a variety of sponsors. When a wine, spirit, food, travel or other product is featured and/or written about that is a current Thirsty Girl every effort will be made for it to be clearly noted that is a sponsor driven piece of content. We strive to be fully transparent about who and how we portray our sponsorship partners to our readers at all times.


Blog comments: Please keep all comments constructive, relevant and informative. If a reader feels the need to spout off and our Editorial Team deem it negative to someone’s character, product or service it will come down. There are plenty of  other blogs that allow and even encourage that sort of commentary, but Thirsty Girl is not one of them.


At Thirsty Girl we adhere to the positive philosophy of  BLOG WITH INTEGRITY:

By displaying the Blog with Integrity badge or signing the pledge, we assert that the trust of our readers and the blogging community is important to us.

We treat others respectfully, attacking ideas and not people. We also welcome respectful disagreement with our ideas.

We believe in intellectual property rights, providing links, citing sources, and crediting inspiration where appropriate.

We disclose our material relationships, policies and business practices. Our readers will know the difference between editorial, advertorial, and advertising. If Thirsty Girl has sponsored or paid posts, they will be clearly marked as such.

When collaborating with marketers and PR professionals, we handle ourselves professionally and abide by basic journalistic/blogging standards.

The Blog with Integrity pledge was created in July 2009 to provide bloggers with a tangible and collective way to express our commitment to a simple code of blogging conduct.

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Thirsty Girl and its entire team encourage responsible drinking practices. It’s pretty simple. If you are drinking, DON’T DRIVE. Have a designated driver when imbibing, even just for one drink. It is better to be safe than sorry later.


Please be responsible for your actions and don’t drink and drive.