Thirsty Girl Member Downloads & Forms:


Member Handbook

coming soon!



Chapter Heads Handbook

coming soon!



 Preferred Vendor Form

coming soon!



Thirsty Girl Tweetup Kit

Are you throwing a Thirsty Girl party or a Tweetup? The attached file contains everything you’re going to need, from a tutorial on how to run a tweetup, signs, nametags, logos and membership forms. [It’s a zipped file, so you will need an decompression tool like UnZip for Windows or Stuffit for Mac.]

  • Download the  Tweekup Kit here. coming soon!


Thirsty Girl Mobile

If you’ve got a smart phone it’s likely you’ve got a QR code reader on it and you might have used it for discounts, download the menu of a new restaurant, get directions  or visit a website.

If you don’t know what they are, here’s a primer on QR codes and what they can do for you, as well as a list of some of the best ones to get.  Then come back here and give it a try!

And here’s the official TG&ME QR code. Use it to share the link with friends or at events. If you do something fun with it, let us know here!

  • Download the  Thirsty Girl QR code here.


Thirsty Girl Signs

Everybody loves the Thirsty Girl bubble signs at our TG Live! events. Download these and print them, then paste them to poster board or laminate them. We add sticks made from paint stirrers for ours. If you do something fun with them share pictures!


Thirsty Girl Logos:

These logos are for use on your blog posts and event announcements. Remember, Thirsty Girl is a trademarked organization and while we provide these logos for your use, please use them responsibly.

“HiRes” means they are for print, and “LoRes” is for website use.

  • Download the Thirsty Girl High Resolution logo (PDF, suitable for printed materials) here
  • Download the Thirsty Girl Low Resolution logo (PDF, suitable for websites and emails) here 
  • Download the Thirsty Girl Low Resolution logo image (suitable for websites and emails) here



“I’m a Thirsty Girl” Stickers 

This attachment is a sheet of TG & Me stickers for you to print for gatherings and tweetups. You can download the template from Avery labels here.

  • Download sticker template here