Wine Tip: Navigating Wine Lists

Are you sometimes overwhelmed with where to start when you are handed the wine list at a restaurant? Head Thirsty Girl, Leslie Sbrocco has some tips for help you navigate through a wine list.


  • Ask for help from the sommelier.
  • Be adventurous- and look for other sections or wines from other countries.
  • Instead of just a glass, go for a half bottle of wine.

Pairing Wine and Food

When it comes to pairing wine with food, we all have our favorites.  Whether you’re eating something sweet, salty or spicy, try think of “refreshing” when pairing a wine with it. Here, Leslie shares some of her favorite tips when pairing wine with food.

A Food and Wine pairing tip from Leslie: Match the texture or feel of the food and wine: Delicate foods with delicate wines and big foods with big wines. (Think leather pants with a sweater and linen pants with a cotton shirt.) It’s not the outdated mantra of red wine with meat and white with fish; it’s about the weight of the food and wine in your mouth.

What are your food and wine pairing tips?

What favorite wines do you like to pair with heavier, more robust foods?

What wines do you pair with lighter fare?

Alternative Wine Packaging

No longer is it the case where wine in a box or with a screw top is an indicator of bad wine. High quality wines are becoming more and more available in alternative packaging. Watch Head Thirsty Girl, Leslie Sbrocco in the video below as she explains the different types of alternative wine packaging options.

How to Taste Wine

See, swirl, smell and sip…the four S’s of wine tasting. In this video, Leslie Sbrocco gives her secrets how See, Swirl, Smell and Sip are used to enhance your wine tasting experience.

See: Get an indication of the grape variety and age by looking at the wine.

Swirl: Swirl the wine to coat the glass with wine to allow the wine to express itself.

Smell: Identify the smells that come from the aroma of the wine.

Sip: Sipping the wine to assess the balance of the wine.

Wine Tasting: Napa Valley

As the most famous wine region in the United States, the Napa Valley has millions of visitors per year.

Must see spots:

  • the historic caves at Beringer Vineyards
  • lunch at Tra Vigne or Mustards Grill
  • a stop by the Oakville Grocery for picnic supplies

Watch Head Thirsty Girl, Leslie Sbrocco in the video below for some more tips and must-see wineries and restaurants to visit when traveling through Napa Valley.

Share your tips below for traveling through the Napa Valley to visit wineries, spas and other must see spots. Have a favorite hiking spot or outdoor activity?- Let other Thirsty Girls know!