Nissa Pierson

“Why I’m a Thirsty Girl: living life to the fullest, has been just simply a way of life for me.”

As the only girl in a family of all men (no mother) who lived in California, Central America, Minnesota, her life was anything but ordinary and I am quite sure that was a conscious effort. Her life of travel and culture has taken her to all parts of the world and her extreme thirst for experience and knowledge has kept her delving into all aspects of life.

Nissa’s love for cooking started out of necessity, in childhood her experience of living in Central America taught her everything about self learning, self teaching and self sufficiency, both in the kitchens and in life. The amount of fresh ingredients and people actually cooking what they ate and drank was engrained in her from an early age projecting into multiple phases of her life. From learning about organic sustainable agriculture, to herbs, to fair-trade produce.

Nissa’s work with organic and fair-trade produce world allows her to fulfill her travel bug, visiting such places as Israel, Peru, Mexico, Nicaragua, Argentina, Holland and more. She’s an advocate of “doing good things for your planet” and its’ people by supporting the fair-trade organic food movement.

Her founding of Ger-Nis and the Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center was the next logical phase for her, a place where her community can come to learn about food. Her response, “How could I not offer this?”

“Take chances, live with passion, and try to see and experience as much as you can, that is truly what I believe in and truly what I live daily. I believe that is what makes me a Thirsty Girl, thirsty for the life both in my wine glass and in my life!”

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