Wine Shopping Checklist

Whether your hosting a dinner party, an event or attending as a guest, wine shopping goes more smoothly when you have a list.

How do you decide what wine to buy or which wine would work best for a particular event?

  • What is your budget?
  • Where will you buy?

Here are few tips on Wine Shopping from Leslie:

  • Ask yourself what the wine is for:
  • To serve with dinner at home? Now that you know about Pinot Gris, give it a try tonight.
  • To bring for a dinner party? Pinot Noir is one of my top picks because it goes with everything.
  • To give as a gift? I like to give Champagne and dessert wines as a gift.
  • To pour for a party you are hosting? Look for a magnum, which is a large bottle that holds the equivalent of two regular-sized bottles.
  • For a special occasion? Dream big! Try aged red Bordeaux from France or Italian Barolo.

If you have questions when browsing wine in a store, ask for help or ask for their recommendations. Also, keep in mind that many stores will offer a discount if you are buying 12 bottles or more.

What else goes on your wine shopping list?

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