Julie Albert & Lisa Gnat

“When I was born the doctor took one look at my face, turned me over and said, ‘Look, twins!’”

— Rodney Dangerfield, comedian

“Okay, so we’re not twins, but we should be…my theory is that our mother just wanted to meet me two years earlier. Whatever the case, there’s nothing that comes close to the bond we have always shared as sisters.” So says Julie Albert, one half of the sister act responsible for the saucy, delicious and entertaining cookbook, Bite Me.

Many adjectives have been used to describe sisters Julie Albert and Lisa Gnat and they have heard them all. Passionate eaters and skilled feeders, these dedicated mothers and business women are full of beans, basil, balsamic vinegar, butter, raspberries…well, you get the picture.

Lisa is a homebody, born to be in the kitchen, whose bionic nose and supreme palate have fuelled her passion for eating and feeding and helped her conquer the age-old question: “What’s for dinner?” Her creative talent for all things culinary is on full display throughout the pages of Bite Me. A skilled chef who ran a successful dessert catering business for many years, Lisa not only can sniff out a missing pinch of salt, but also with a few squirrel-like nibbles, she can pinpoint what type of chocolate has been used.

Julie is a self-described “busybody who lives for laughs, pop culture, music, photography, and entertaining you in and out of the kitchen.” Apart from being a skilled eater, Julie rarely set foot in the kitchen until she had a family to feed. Then she turned to sister Lisa for cooking lessons. Julie returned the favor by contributing her sense of humor and keen

eye for all things visual – – font styling, sentence structure and the joy of photography – – to their first collaborative effort.

In between dirty diapers and raising children, Julie worked as a freelance writer, doing everything from mystery book reviews to writing articles on how to keep romance alive for Harlequin books.

“Our passions for feeding and eating wouldn’t be what they are without the finest of role models. We give immeasurable credit to our mother, a woman who always had a full plate (and no sister to help her) and yet somehow managed to turn out delicious nightly feasts for her family. Looking back, we never gave thought to how the perfectly succulent chicken Kiev, the soaring soufflé or the moist 5-layer strawberry shortcake made it to the table. Now we know…with love and dedication,” recall the sisters.

After years of talking about it, Lisa and Julie embarked on a kitchen odyssey, deciding to collaborate on a cookbook. Like mad scientists, they tested and experimented with ingredients and techniques until they found just the right combination of easy and delicious delicacies to share with the public. Then setting the tone, look and feel of this fun and unique book began.

“The experience has surpassed any dream we could have envisioned for ourselves and believe me, since childhood, we’ve played the ‘dream game’…you know, the one where we live close to each other, we marry men who like each other, we have kids at the same time, and so on.” Feeding off each other, the result is Bite Me, a 272-page blend of their individual skill sets. Lisa oversaw all recipe development and Juliewas responsible for the writing and the look/feel/tone of the book.

“What has always been so great for us is that we complement each other, that we admire one another (for our differences and similarities) and that, most importantly, we can make each other laugh when inclined to cry.”

Both left-handed, Julie Albert and Lisa Gnat live close to each other in Toronto, with husbands who like each other, and children about the same age. To learn more about them and see them in action, visit www.BiteMeCookbook.com.


Site: www.BiteMeCookbook.com

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Bite-Me-Stomach-Satisfying-Gratifying-Fresh-Mounthed/dp/1906868441?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1287540842&sr=8-1

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