Eleanor Prior

“I love wine tasting with my husband.” When she’s really stressed out or sad she grabs a bottle of wine and sits at her piano (also a closet pianist, lessons from the time she was 5!).

When her husband and her get a chance to take off and go wine tasting, they head to the central coast and stay in Cayucos at the Sunset Inn Bed and Breakfast enjoying the surrounding areas Cambria, and Paso Robles. Their favorite place to eat in Cambria is the Sea Chest Restaurant. People line up with lawn chairs and bottles of wine to enjoy the sound of the ocean while they wait for the doors to open. Her favorite winery there is Towbin James; she’s dying to get back this year, she can just taste it. Eleanor has a blended family, “Yours, Mine, and Ours,” so when they do get a trip it is rare.

Have I described the life a a Thirsty Girl or what? Unique, passionate, and drink in hand.

In 2008 Eleanor came across an up-and-coming profession, “Virtual Assistant.” She knew immediately she could succeed and still be home for her children. However, she didn’t want to be your typical administrative support VA and in her search she found VAClassroom.

Eleanor’s passions are Social Media, WordPress, and Virtual Events. As “Your Virtual Girl Friday” she loves introducing and training clients about the endless possibilities that await them when they join the conversation online. Her latest venture, Your Virtual Events Girl specializes in Webinars, PowerPoint Video Creation, Screencast Tutorial Videos and training.

Eleanor gets her social groove on with her alter ego “As The Las Vegas Tweetup”. One of her favorite things to do is craft tweets about what she’s passionately promoting (events, blog posts, or affiliate products), for example:  Join us for #TGTaste and have a little Sunlight poured into your glass…

Can you say Thursday Thirsty Girl! Thirsty for life. Passion for new opportunities. Embracing her chosen field and meeting so many wonderful people. Foodie. Loves the Vegas Foodtruck community. Favorites includes, her Ohana @SnOwONOShaveIce) created via social media. @GrouchyJohns a mobile gourmet coffee barista, @Tastybunz, @lulusonthemove, @bensbbq, @sincitywings ]and more…

“Being a Thirsty Girl has definitely been an adventure, one that I don’t intend on ending anytime soon.

One of my favorite wine quotes will sum it up perfectly…

“Wine is sunlight, held together by water.”

So pour a little sunlight into her glass….


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