Could You Use a Dirty Bob?

This cocktail blends fresh fruit and root beer flavors for a fun taste and vintage presentation. Making your own infused tequila is easier than you think, it takes a few days, so start it now and you’ll be singing Monster Mash on Friday in no time.

Dirty Bob


For infused tequila:

· 1 cup fresh blackberries

· 4 slices fresh orange, rind removed and discarded

· 1 slice fresh Meyer lemon, rind removed and discarded

· 1 750mL bottle tequila (such as Corazon Reposado)

For the drink:

· 2 part infused tequila

· 1 part Grand Marnier

· 1/4 part Blackmaker Root Beer liqueur

· 1/4 part Der Lachs Goldwasser Cinammon Schnapps

· 1/2 part quality craft root beer (such as Sparky’s, Abita or Virgil’s)


1. Place tequila and fruits into an air-tight jar. Infuse fruit flavors and tequila for 4 to 5 days.

2. Once tequila is infused, mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker.

3. Serve in a classic mason jar over ice.

Preparation time: 5 days (tequila); 1 minute (drink)

Number of servings (yield)
: 1 (750mL infused tequila bottle will supply approximately 13 drinks)

Compliments of Jordan Vineyard & Winery

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