Sandi Graham

Sandi GrahamSandi Graham lives in Dallas, Tx – but that’s just the beginning. In honor of our Marilyn Wines and Thirsty Girl Event tonight in Dallas, we’re celebrating her love of entertaining, food and wine. Texas isn’t just about big hair and football.

After being inspired by wine, food and travel, Sandi started her blog, Peel Me A Grape in 2008 where she writes about all things food, wine and of course, Texas. After all, as this week’s Thursday Thirsty Girl, sharing wine with her fellow TGs is her favorite past-time.

Sandi is an independent wine consultant for WineShop at Home. She also provides private in-home wine tastings using wines all over California. Her latest endeavor allows this Thirsty Girl to expand her knowledge of wine, hence enhancing her passion. Sandi is the proud chapter head of her Dallas Thirsty Girl Chapter – Thirsty Chicks. Cheers to that!

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Follow Sandi on Twitter at @TXSimplySandi.

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