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Who’s coming to our Marilyn Wines event on Thursday September 29th? If you are, here’s a great road trip idea for Friday the 30th, from guest blogger Jeff Cope of TX Wine Lover.

Make it a long wine weekend, I hear that CrossRoads Winery is the place to be on Friday nights (or days!), good wine, nice pours and live music. Just don’t get lost on the way.

CrossRoads Winery is located in Frisco and is owned by Bob and Darlene Leiker. The winery was originally opened in 2005 and then purchased by the Leikers in 2010. The previous winemaker, John Otis, continues to work at the winery making Texas wine. CrossRoads Winery gets most of their grapes from Generation Grape Growers in Seymour, Texas owned by Larry and Pattie Bratcher, and also from Square Cloud Winery in Richardson, Texas owned by Jackson Anderson.

The first time I visited CrossRoads Winery was on a Friday night. I had planned on visiting a few wineries that Friday and since CrossRoads Winery was opened the latest … and it was Friday after all … it was going to be the last visit of the evening. 

As it turned out, it was a great decision. My partner Gloria and I had the most fun here, everything gets more fun as the night gets later, a lesson we all know. As a result of that evening, CrossRoads Winery was awarded our “Most Fun at a Winery” award in our first TX Wine Lover awards.

It’s a tricky spot to find in the dark but after arriving make sure you’re greeted by Darlene Leiker – you want this woman to give you a tasting at the tasting bar, when she suggested, we were in. Let’s just say, Darlene is a Thirsty Girl, she is a lot of fun.

A jalapeño shot is a glass with a small amount of CrossRoads Winery’s Sunfusion wine. Sunfusion is a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscat Canelli. A candied jalapeño pepper is then placed into the wine. The object is then to pour it all in your mouth but not swallow anything, chew the jalapeño, and then swallow both the jalapeño and wine at the same time. This might be the best thing from Texas since big hair. Darlene loves jalapeno shots, because on Fridays she can do them with the customers. Didn’t I say she was a Thirsty Girl?

To visit CrossRoads Winery check out their site. For more information on Texas wine, please hop to Jeff Cope’s blog, TX Wine lover.

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