Leslie in New Zealand

Leslie and Nelson First Fifteen

Leslie Sbrocco, head Thirsty Girl, has been a fan of New Zealand wines for many years and has made numerous trips to the island nation.

This week and next (September 19-30, 2011), she’ll be sampling wines in the South Island’s Central Otago region then heading north to Nelson, the aromatic and artistic capitol of New Zealand. There she’ll be judging a unique wine competition dubbed the Nelson First Fifteen.

This 3-day event is dedicated to celebrating world-class examples of Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer from New Zealand, Italy and the United States. Why just those countries since we know France, Australia, Germany and more make benchmark bottlings, too? It’s the Rugby World Cup and during the time of the event the US is battling it out with Italy.

So, check back in on our site for Leslie’s dispatches from the road…and the rugby field.

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