Wine Label Art

Crafting for Grownups

There’s nothing like back-to-school time to bring out the Martha Stewart in all of us. Your kids are crafting their way through September, why can’t you?

Thirsty Girl craft hour is a little more PG-21 (for those legal to drink) from Katie P of Food, Wine & Mod Podge, a blog about eating, drinking, crafting and everything in between. Here are two of her crafting ideas about what to do with old wine labels and bottle caps.

Bottle Cap Magnets

Items you’ll need:

  • Bottle caps
  • Small magnets
  • Cardboard
  • Glue Gun

Start with some bottle caps. If you’re like me, you’ve saved every bottle cap for years and years with the thought that someday you’d find a use for them.

Pick out ones you know your recipient will love. Maybe it’s their favorite beer, maybe it’s from a brewery in their hometown, whatever they might have a particular love for. For these recipients, I chose all Sam Adams bottle caps, since they love Sam Adams beer and live in Boston.

Since my magnets I bought were pretty thin, I needed to cut out two small circles of cardboard to fill in the bottle cap. I hot glued each layer together and to the inside of the bottle cap, and then hot glued the magnet to the cardboard.

Your circles don’t have to be perfect because once they’re on the fridge, no one will see the inside.

Then, in the time it takes for hot glue to cool, you have cute fridge magnets.

Wine Label Collage

Wine Label ArtStart saving wine label. Go here for easy wine label removal directions.

Then, using the good ol’ Mod Podge, I glued each label down on stretched canvas, and pressed very carefully to get all edges and corners down perfectly.

I did three coats of Mod Podge on top to seal, pressing with books between each coat for a full day to ensure it was as flat and smooth as possible. I used wax paper to lay the collage face down on to make sure it wouldn’t stick but would have a nice clean surface to press on.

When you’re done frame it.

For more of Katie’s creations check out Food, Wine & Mod Podge.

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