Taste Croft Pink Port in a new #TGTaste

Croft Pink TGTaste Twitter ChatAs our fearless leader Leslie Sbrocco says:I’ve always been a huge fan of Port. Whether a 20 Year Old Tawny (my favorite), a late bottled or classic vintage, Ports are beautiful wines. But, it’s often a challenge to get drinkers to discover the joys of sipping one with cheeses, savory dishes, chocolates and simply solo. Enter Croft Pink — a delicious entry point for those wanting to try Port. Garnet-hued and lightly sweet, it’s made with traditional Portuguese grape varieties in a lighter style. Imbibe it alone well-chilled, over ice, or in a cocktail. Welcome to the sweet side of life.

You can see why we’re excited to announce another #TGTaste Twitter chat on August 18 at 5 PM PST sponsored by Croft Pink Port. Our hosts for this event are Lorenzo Bakewell-Stone, the Global Brand Ambassador for Croft Pink, and of course, head Thirsty Girl Leslie Sbrocco. In fact, Leslie will be revealing her own signature cocktail made with Croft Pink during the Twitter chat.

Each of the Thirsty Girl local chapter heads are being sent a bottle of Croft Pink Port to share with their local Thirsty Girls, and we’ve chosen several lucky Twitter tasters who will also receive a bottle of their own to taste and experiment with to create their own cocktails. We’ll all be sharing tasting notes, recipes and food pairings during the chat.

Want to taste along? Use this page on the Croft Pink web site to find a location near you to get your own bottle of Croft Pink.

Don’t know how to participate in a Twitter chat? No problem, our social media coach Janet Fouts shared this handy guide to Twitter chats to make it easy.

How to get involved
Get a bottle of Croft Pink Port to taste, or taste it at your local wine bar or restaurant and tweet along. Be sure to let your friends know about the #TGTaste so they can listen in or join us.

  • During the chat let us know what you thought of Croft Pink Port.
  • What do you taste?
  • Can you think of some great ways to use it in a cocktail?
  • What would you serve it with?
  • How does it compare with other wines?
  • What would you like to know about Croft Pink or Port in general?

If you can’t make the #TGTaste event on Twitter that’s OK, you can still help us let people know about it, share your review on Facebook, or your blog if you want to! Here’s a link to some recipe ideas to share. If you come up with some great recipes, share them here and in the chat too. The best of the best may be posted on the Croft Pink web site.

Add your videos or photos to the “Pink Moment” page on the web site.

User names and tags to remember
This promotion is sponsored by @CroftPink on Twitter and here’s their page on Facebook.

#TGTaste is also sponsored by Thirsty Girl, follow us on Twitter @beathirstygirl and the hashtag we are using is #TGTaste but feel free to tag posts with #CroftPink too.
Please also follow our hosts @LesliesSB and Lorenzo Bakewell-Stone will be tweeting from the @CroftPink Twitter account.

Note: All #TGTaste chats are sponsored tastings. Participants may have received wine to taste and review but are not required to participate in the chat or blog about the wine.

This is a public tasting and views are those of the individual and not Thirsty Girl or our sponsors.

Please drink responsibly.

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