Alie Shaper

Alie ShaperAlie Shaper was drawn to wine making—oenology—because of its careful balance between science and art, something that Alie innately understands. Originally an engineer, she realized in the early 2000s that though she loved science, her career was missing the passion she felt for art. Alie began on the path to learn the art of wine making, eventually becoming more and more invested in the industry. Learning how to make wine inexorably lead to the idea of actually opening her own winery. A native of New York State, Alie wanted to incorporate the urban feel of New York City with the state’s nature that produces the grapes for New York’s growing wine industry. Thus began Alie’s career as an urban wine maker, opening Brooklyn Oenology Winery (BOE) in 2006.

Alie wanted BOE to become part of the thriving local industries of Brooklyn and New York State, so the wines are made solely from New York grown grapes at a custom crush facility in Long Island. She then incorporated her love of art into her wine making to celebrate the spirit of Brooklyn’s artisanal entrepreneurship, so each BOE label features the art of a different Brooklyn artist. The labels peel off so customers can continue to enjoy the label art as a souvenir. She spends much of her free time visiting local galleries and open studios looking for inspiration for her next label. Alie is also very committed to supporting animal food safety, so proceeds from her “Friend” Reisling go to the Pet Food Product Safety Alliance.

Opening the BOE Tasting Room in November 2010 was the next step for Alie and the winery. The tasting room not only offers all of Alie’s wines, but also cheeses, charcuterie, spirits and more, all made and produced in New York. Her long-term goal is to bring the winery to the Williamsburg space, so that BOE truely becomes an urban winery. BOE is part of the greater New York wine industry, so by doing what she does, Alie and BOE’s message is to drink and love local wines.

Why is she a Thirsty Girl?

“I am a Thristy Girl because I am dedicated to producing local wines (and making them well) and to Brooklyn and other local artists. If you have to eat and drink three times a day, it better be good! BOE is part of the greater New York wine industry, so by doing what I do, I’ve made BOE’s message to drink and love local wines.”

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