Jennie Chen

Jennie ChenJennie Chen’s not just a Thirsty Girl, but she’s also a Hungry girl. While her day job is mostly unrelated to the food and beverage industry, Jennie takes her drinks and eats very seriously. She started her blog writing about cooking with craft beer, fine wines, and artisan spirits. Her concoctions have included drunken German chocolate cupcakes, Pinot Noir macarons, and spicy beer mustard and roast beef sandwiches on, of course, malty beer bread. The drunken German chocolate cupcakes are made with 512 Pecan Porter beer filled with almonds, coconut, and Bailey’s Irish cream, topped with a pecan praline liqueur chocolate buttercream frosting, and a maple bourbon pecan. Yum!

When she’s not firing up a recipe, Jennie can often be found attending local food festivals and writing up her experiences on her blog, or in other publications. Jennie is the founder of Cupcake Smackdown, where people can shoot cupcakes out of cannons. At local beer events, you can often find Jennie vending her line of clothing for women, in craft beer, fine wines, and artisan spirits. Thirsty Bird Threads is the name of the dresses and panties for women with fun beverage-centric slogans. Though if men want to wear the dresses and panties, Jennie’s just fine with that as well. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Texas Craft Brewer’s Guild.

In addition to being a proud member of the Texas Craft Brewer’s Guild, Jennie is a founding member of the Austin Food Blogger’s Alliance and the current education chair. Outside of food, Jennie also manages the Keep Austin Dog Friendly community, trains, shows, and judges dog, and gardens.

Check out her blog at You can follow Jennie on Twitter: @misohungry

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