How to Throw a Wine Tasting Party

 This week may seem ripe with anticipation for the official start of summer, but that’s no reason to stop celebrating. Here are some official Thirsty Girl tips for throwing a blind wine tasting party – park your stuffy assumptions about wine at the door. wine tasting

How to Host a Wine Tasting Party

1. Pick a regular meeting date for your tasting group (maybe once a month, or week, or day?).

2. Set a budget and pick a wine type or varietal to showcase. All Chardonnay’s or Syrah’s for example.

3. Ask everyone to buy a bottle in a certain price range or chip in money and let the host buy all the bottles. Start with wines you like or want to learn more about.

4. Pick a theme for your tasting:

For example: Napa Valley Cabernets vs. Sonoma Valley or Old world wines (European wines) vs. New World (Chile, Australia)

5. Bag the bottles or cover (tin foil works great) and number them for a blind tasting.

6. Set out dump buckets in case you want to pour out the wines (anything will do, a vase even).

7. Make tasting sheets for each wine. Note the color, aromas, flavors, and leave room for notes and your overall impressions. After uncovering make a note of the region, cost, name etc.

8. Put out some nibbles and start with small pours in the glass and leave plenty of room for swirling. Follow the four S’s. See. Swirl. Smell. Sip (then spit or swallow).

9. Discuss what colors you see, aromas you smell and flavors you taste. Compare notes and have fun! Take photo’s of your favorite label’s and take to the wine store to find.

10. Most of all enjoy!  wine tasting 2

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