Douglas Trapasso

Douglas TrapassoDouglas Trapasso is the author of Chicago Pinot 2.0, a blog which chronicles the wine events he attends in Chicago and the people he meets along the way who are involved in the story of wine.

“It’s true, I want to find a position in the ‘wine business’ someday. And starting a blog is a great way to start networking. But I’m reluctant to use the phrase ‘wine business’; wine is always telling a story. And I like to seek out anyone who is a character in that story. I learn something new with every story I write, each interview I conduct.

It’s been a honor to interview such noted sommeliers as Emily Wines and Andrea Robinson. I am hoping to meet more sommeliers, as well as professionals in the marketing and production areas of the story of wine. If you have a Chicago connection, that’s even better!”

Douglas is excited about the growth of Thirsty Girl and other wine clubs similar to it. “I’m studying for my wine credential (WSET), and that class is very analytical and academic. And that’s fine, up to a point. But wine is meant to be shared with friends and savored with food, and discussed and debated without any fear of sounding foolish or politically incorrect.”

Please visit Douglas’ blog at and his YouTube page is You can also visit him on Twitter @demilove –

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