Christine Aluia

Christine AuliaChristine Aluia, is the single mother of a teenage boy and owner extraordinaire of Lions & Tigers & Hair: a children’s hair cutting shop on Kentucky Street in Petaluma, California. Not only is Chris celebrating her son’s first year in college, she can now boast a whopping thirteen years in business in downtown Petaluma, CA.

“It has been a slight bummer the past decade for lots of downtown business owners – either going out of business or just trying to stay open – but I’ve got a success story,” confides Chris. What keeps kids coming back to her salon year after year? Why do they plan haircuts during college breaks? You can bet the answers tied in a neat bow of Chris’s unique style, sense of humor, and giving heart. Evidence of Chris’s flair abounds. From the glittery shocks of colored (hair gel) or braided hair her child client’s tout home, to the novel costumery she struts at local events like Rivertown

Revival, this lady puts the fun in funky. “Its the way life should be, dahlink!” she’ll declare in an accented voice with a wink of her eye. Thirsty Girl? I think so. “Every day is a giggle and a half. I could write a book titled: The Strangest, Darndest, Most Embarrassing (for the parents) Things Kids Say to Their Haircutter. I love my job.” But how did this solo-mama manage to find it easier to run her own business? Chris says she put her family first, and set her own hours.

“I was wildly lucky,” expresses Chris with gratitude.

“My secret to success? First, to love your job. Then it would be to give back what has been so graciously given to you. For the past 13 years, anytime a school, non-profit, Mothers clubs, sports program and the like has asked me for a donation to support the cause, I have given without hesitation. I also have volunteered for many noteworthy fundraisers and galas, including Petaluma Bounty, Mentor Me Mad Hatter Ball and the Rivertown Revival Festival,” said Aluia.

Lions & Tigers & Hair is a proud sponsor of many community organizations and events benefiting children. Among them are:

* Petaluma Boys & Girls Club

* Petaluma Edu. Foundation

* Wise Edu. Foundation

* Cinnabar Edu. Foundation

* Bob Burkes Kids Program

* Carousel Fund

* Camp for a Cure

* Mothers Club

* Movies in the Park

Chris likes the opportunity to connect one on one with a representative from the cause she is supporting. Relationships and personal touches are clearly top priorities for this mom-preneur.

You can meet Christine at her shop in Petaluma at:

The Lan-Mart Bldg.

18 Kentucky St., Suite 42

Petaluma, CA 94952

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