Taste Shiraz with Leslie Sbrocco and Ian Hongell from Peter Lehmann Wines

May 18, 2011
Time: 5 PM PST

Think you know about Australian Shiraz? Wanna learn more? Log on to our exclusive live Twitter Tasting with wine expert Leslie Sbrocco as she and famed Winemaker Ian Hongell (a.k.a. the “Duke” of Shiraz) lead a lively TWITTER chat all about….you guessed it SHIRAZ. It’s part love fest (for Australian Shiraz), part wine tasting, part “stump-the-winemaker” here’s your chance to taste, ask questions and pick up pointers when it comes to all things SHIRAZ.

  • Where are the best wine regions for this purple elixir?
  • Why do the Aussies love their Shiraz?
  • What’s the harvest like this year in the Barossa?
  • What’s with the Queen of Clubs on the label?
  • Why do Peter Lehmann Wines all have a woman on the label? What’s the story? (Insider tip: Don’t forget to ask for Margaret Lehmann’s famed coffee cake recipe? She is an original Thirsty Girl)

What’ll we be tasting? Peter Lehmann 2008 Barossa Shiraz (download tasting notes) Where can you buy it in your hood? Well, that all depends on your wine shops, but hey, if you fan the You Bet Shiraz! Facebook page you can get a discount on shipping, and can buy it through Wine.com or at your local wine shop.

Here’s a short welcome from Ian

New to Twitter or a Tweet Chat? That’s okay, @beathirstygirl will help get you started.

  • Don’t be nervous, we’re all here to have fun
  • Be sure to follow @YouBetShiraz, @BeaThirstyGirl and @LeslieSb so you get the latest
  • Log on to Twitter at 5 PM PST on May 18
  • Do a search for #TGTaste or use Kurrently.com to watch the Tweet stream
  • If you’ve got wine to taste–tell us what you think
  • Got a food pairing? Share it with the world
  • If you’re not tasting, feel free to ask Ian and Leslie your questions about Shiraz, the Barossa and Winemaking
  • Don’t forget to use that hashtag #TGTaste so everybody can see your questions

That’s all there is to it!

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