Shelley Tomberg

Shelley TombergIn honor of our upcoming adventure to Seattle. Washington (March 24, mark your calendars! Get tickets here.), we’d like to put the spotlight on Shelley Tomberg, a TG & Me Member from the Seattle Area and the VP of Sales at Columbia Hospitality, and ask her a few questions about why she chose TG & Me and what she’s gained. Her chapter is headed by, Thursday Thirsty Girl, Jamie Peha.

Why did you become a TG & Me Member?

I became a member of TG & Me because I have lots of female friends who love wine but take a back seat to their male counterparts when it comes to selecting wines at say a dinner or party. I know TG & Me and Thirsty Girls are going to have fun, but I’m also really excited to spend time learning and becoming more confident.

What have you done with your chapter so far?

We have had a great kick-off party at Jamie Peha’s house (our TG & Me chapter head). There was about 25 women there – we had great food a lots of great wine. Many of us are in the business of food and wine so we had lots of great conversation about the industry. (Join the Thirsty Girl Seattle Chapter on Facebook)

Why are you a Thirsty Girl?

I am notorious for always having wine. At work, when we hit revenue goals for the week, we celebrate with wine and cheese on Friday. It’s my goal to have wine and cheese every Friday at 4 PM! My husband and I have a wine cellar and we enjoy having a great bottle of wine with dinner most nights. I have had the great opportunity to travel to Napa and Sonoma, France, Italy and Portugal to try amazing wines. I love wine. Simply said.

Simply said is right. To hear more stories about our Chapter Heads, events, and stories themselves check out

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