Dana Dillion-Townes and Christina Mathis

Christina MathisThis week’s Thursday Thirsty Girls are cooking duo Dana and Christina, who met while in the MBA program at NYU. After graduating and becoming roommates they discovered their mutual love of wine, cheese, cooking and entertaining. That passion, combined with an unusually large apartment (by New York City standards), led to numerous recipe-testing, wine and cheese binge-ing and dinner parties for friends. Living life throwing parties, entertaining, cooking and eating? Yep, definitely Thirsty Girls.


Some people’s New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight. Hers is to eat more. By day, she is a marketer at a large beauty company in New York City, but what she dreams about all day is food. Literally, she is obsessed with food. Specifically she loves cheese – it’s an ongoing love affair. New York City is the nemesis of homemade food (tiny kitchens) and a wonderland of amazing restaurants. Yes, rest of world, New Yorkers really don’t cook much. Lack of a dishwasher, small, unusable ranges and lack of a dishwasher (yep, I said it twice…) make it nearly impossible. Despite this, Dana cooks … a lot. A passionate self-taught cook, dinner party thrower, and student (several at Murray’s Cheese, wonder why?)


Christina also loves food. Eating it, cooking it, talking about it, thinking about it, learning about it. Food, food, food. As a child Christina was surrounded by women who cooked amazing food and she grew to love being in the kitchen; watching, helping, observing. But the only things she ever wanted to make were desserts. Show me a kid who doesn’t love sugar. After graduation Christina stayed in New York and again threw herself into cooking and all things food-related. Preparing a meal and entertaining at home are two of the best things in life as far as she’s concerned. She is dedicated to eating healthy but finds that all must indulge. Christina is a member of this duo of Thursday Thirsty Girls because she fully enjoys trying new recipes and experimenting with food, sharing her experiences along the way.

You can find them on the web at www.casacheesewine.com and follow them on Twitter @casacheesewine.

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