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Angela LazearAngela F. Lazear is the author of EAST BAY FOOD SCENE: Essays on the Ritual of Dining ( is a Bay Area writer and artist. After twenty years as a professional theatrical costumer, she has moved on to documenting life through the interaction, camaraderie and ritual that is dining with community. Her blog, East Bay Food Scene, is read by thousands in the Bay Area looking for great experiences in dining. “We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink…” ~Epicurus

An Oakland native, some of Angela fondest childhood memories involve accompanying her grandfather dining out during Oakland’s heyday. A colorful local figure who socialized with the likes of Earl Warren and Rocky Marciano, he taught her much about bonding with friends and family over food & drink at many of Oakland’s finest restaurants. She learned well the lessons that food really is love. Though the places and the family members who frequented them are long gone, the desire to live life to its fullest is a candle that never burned out.

“Several years ago, Oakland began an exciting renaissance in dining. Many fantastic new eateries chose to open here, and I saw an opportunity to honor my family’s legacy. I began writing to pay homage to Oakland’s vibrant history by chronicling this rebirth. But I hoped that Food Scene would be more than a running commentary on the best of Oakland’s new restaurants, and that it would serve as a window into life’s possibilities. My hope is that my readers will recognize themselves in these tales of a life enriched by great food shared with an abundance of loved ones, and be emboldened to participate more fully in their own lives. Food is more than what sustains us; it is something uniquely suited to be experienced by the collective. If I can entice others to sample all the flavors of life, and to savor every moment, then I’ve succeeded. Dining is a ritual that marks the days of our lives. We are all offered the daily opportunity to engage with one another over a shared meal — to taste, to savor, to enjoy and to create lasting memories. I relish each such opportunity in my own life and wish to pass that longing forward. If that makes me a thirsty girl, then so be it!”

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