Tanya Pietrosante

Tanya PietrosanteTanya Pietrosante began Spiked Cakes in August 2010. With a background in accounting and business and after becoming a stay at home mom, her desire to be back in the business world reemerged.

Something kept telling her she needed to be on her own. Tanya wanted to LOVE what she was to do. Having known she loved good food, good drink, and good people was obvious but she never thought a career could come of it.

Tanya began working at Natali Vineyards in 2008 by supplying the Vineyard with a fruit called Beach Plums that she and her husband grow. The relationship blossomed and she realized her love for the atmosphere of the Vineyard. After that she began working in the tasting room and working events.

In her mind, she knew that she wanted to do this every day in some aspect. She couldn’t find her niche until one day someone asked why standard wines aren’t normally paired with desserts, which got her thinking. She decided to combine wine and dessert in a different way, hence how Spiked Cakes began.

Even though she wasn’t a baker, as soon as she made her first batch of spiked cupcakes the ideas wouldn’t stop coming. She was making cocktails and having fun. By October of 2010 word was out and people were loving it.

There has been bumps in the road but she is determined to succeed because of her love and passion, and with so advernturous many ideas, Tanya is not only a Thirsty Girl, but has found her calling.

Email Tanya: spikedcakes@gmail.com

Follow Tanya at http://twitter.com/SpikedCakes

On the web: http://www.relylocal.com/newjersey/cape-may-county/spiked-cakes

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