Thirsty Girl Resolutions

New Years resolutions come in all shades and colors. Lose the weight, get a promotion, take a day off, and run a marathon? Whatever they may be, shouldn’t “celebrate more” be on the list somewhere? Thirsty Girls know how to do this, and will continue to in the new year. 2011 is an exciting year for Thirsty Girl and we’re in full force to make it the best for all our members as well. In the spirit of all things “new” we’ve created a Thirsty Girl list of resolutions.

Thirsty Girl 2011 New Years Resolutions

10. Take a wine trip. Whether it’s a drive or plane ride to wine country, discovering the lesser known wine regions of the United States (Long Island, Upstate New York, or Virginia), or traveling across the world.

9.  Host your own private wine tasting. This is so easy, new year doesn’t mean the holiday is over. Take some tips from Leslie about how to make a wine tasting party fun, approachable, and affordable.

8. Enjoy a bottle of champagne when it’s not a special occasion. Take-out on a Tuesday, why not?!

7. Go to a mass tasting. This is a great way to meet people interested in the same thing as you, make a new friend and share a glass.

6. If you find a wine you like, or know what you tend to like, do a little research. Learn something new everyday … just this time with your vino.

5. Have the courage to speak to a sommelier at a restaurant. Don’t be intimidated no matter what your budget, they’re there to help YOU.

4. Start a wine journal. Or just a list on your refrigerator that you keep to remind you of the wines you like. Take it off to substitute as a grocery list when you go to the wine store and stock up.

3. Get to know your wine guy (or gal). When making a special meal ask the wine store what bottles would pair best in your price range. They’ll start to learn your favorites and look out for you.

2. Join or start a wine club.

1. Sign up to become a free Thirsty Girl on our home page.

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