Darryle Pollack

Darryle PollackDarryle Pollack calls her blog “I never signed up for this” … which pretty much explains her spin on life story, rolling with the punches and making the most out of every day. A true Thirsty Girl.

After pioneering as one of the first women to graduate from Yale, and become a TV newscaster, she switched to freelance writing after giving birth to her children. Life continued to change and move as life spun again (at warp speed) when she was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer.

Having always been “artistically challenged,” she jokes, Darryle was surprised to discover that creating art helped her relax; and even more shocked that it became her passion—a journey that comes full circle with her irreverent and inspiring collection called Boobalas.

In addition to mosaic art and cancer activism, Darryle blogs for sites including the American Cancer Society and the Huffington Post.

An artist, a writer, a survivor, a grower, changer, and Thirsty Girl, Darryle Pollack is making move in many sectors of life, proving to everyone that when life gives you lemons …

“I never signed up for this”


Boobalas Gallery:


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