Kathleen McAnneny

Kathleen McAnneny is an outgoing, people-person with a love for performing arts and traveling. After recently moving to Brooklyn, NY, and accepting a full time job at a marketing company in Manhattan she received a Bachelor of Arts in Television Production and Psychology from Hofstra University. Before college, she performed in theatre productions and volunteered as a drama teacher for children public schools.

While her father was stationed in the military in Germany, Kathleen and her family were lucky to have access many amazing European countries. While in high school, she was invited to be a student ambassador in Australia, a rewarding and unforgettable trip; rooting her belief that travel is a powerful experience. With this began her “thirst” for a Thirsty Girl lifestyle.

Kathleen or “Kiki” believes her upbringing, enthusiasm, curiosity, and hunger for life make her a “Thirsty Girl” – and indeed it does. Kiki wishes to life and savor every moment, memory and event in life, quenching my thirst for life by constantly expanding and challenging myself from my ideals to my palette.

She is also helping sponsor herself (and others) to go to Peru with her for Operation Smile. An event we posted about in our latest Crave Column. Check out her cause and raise your glass to this dedicated and philanthropic Thirsty Girl.

Check her out on our Week One “Thirsty Girls Do Good” post, featuring her work for Operation Smile.



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