Meghan Leary

Meghan LearyMeghan Leary learned to have faith in four things as a little girl; God, family, whisky and thoroughbreds. Meghan’s passion for the “brown goods market” aka whisky began at a young age through family influence rooted in her Irish American heritage and family’s love of horseracing.

As co-owner of Involve Marketing Inc., an innovative marketing firm specializing in promotional marketing activity for world class brands, Meghan has time and again represented and excelled with esteemed portfolios.

Her latest book, Whisky for Women, offers insight into an untapped yet promising channel for brown goods, the opportunities for women and how even a nontraditional drink for women is good for everyone.

Meghan can be seen speaking around the country and is in true essence a Thirsty Girl combining her enthusiasm for spirits, business, and life.

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