Marcia Miller

Marcia MillerWe at Thirsty Girl love libations in all shapes and sizes. One of our favorites is Tequila (head Thirsty Girl Leslie Sbrocco often puts herself in self-proclaimed TTOs Tequila Time Outs when she’s had a wee too much). So, we’ve put together a trip to Mexico next spring for those of us who can’t get enough agave. Wanna come along?

Check out our travel page at for the details. Putting together the trip is our own Marcia Miller. Her passion for travel started early in life when she spent summers on long road trips, then studied Spanish in Mexico at 15 and German in Vienna in college. She worked as a travel agent for 25 years and completed the rigorous Certified Travel Counselor program. Over 11 years ago she formed Go Girls! travel to fill the need for a safe, hassle-free and fun way for women to travel.We know she’s a Thirsty Girl because when she’s not on the road, she’s busy with her 10 acre vineyard in beautiful Central Washington.

You Go Girl!

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