Tracy Orpin

You’re gonna wanna get to know today’s Thirsty Girl Thursday honoree. She’s the newest member of the TG Team and has the distinction of being our “Director Of Events & Fun!” Yep, she’s our own TG event wrangler, whom as we speak is spearheading the Thirsty Girl LIVE event tour which btw, kicks off TODAY in Denver! 

Tracy hails from the corporate world and has planned events for the likes of Sprint, Hallmark, and the United States Army & Air force. (H E L L O F E L L A S) — so you’re in good hands. Wanna know the best secret place to stay or grab a deal on hotels? Ask Tracy. Where’s the best BBQ in town? She knows. Cocktail hour? Oh yeah… And while she prefers her Bourbon over Bordeaux, please give Tracy a warm TG welcome! We just love her and think you will too! Cheers Tracy and thanks for joining (and making) the fun! P.S. Ideas or places we should know about for an event in your town? Email

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