Camille Meola

Camille MeolaDesigner and Owner of Camille Meola Collections. As a native New Yorker, Camille was raised in a family where appreciation of the arts was part of everyday life. It is her early exposure to the New York art scene that is at the root of her interest in the broad scope of design elements that influence her work today. 

Camille’s collections consists of two unique lines. Her DESTINQTIV collection are wearable art pieces that would appeal to any Thirsty Girl’s wardrobe from jeans, to business attire and especially with the “Little Black Dress.” She also has the DeVin Wine Stopper Collection. These hand-crafted, one-of-kind Wine Stoppers are more than just a “Bar Tool” but are Lifestyle Accessories which would enhance any Thirsty Girl’s total wine experience. Check out Camille’s works and collections at and tell us which one is your favorite!

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