Thea Dwelle

sparkling force of nature, Thea’s love of all things wine was born at
 Sonoma State University and expanded with her travels to Australia,
Italy, and California wine regions. With her wine blog, Luscious Lushes,
she encourages everyone to taste and learn about wine in a supportive
casual environment. She enjoys exploring new wine regions at various
tasting events, and loves meeting new friends in wine. 
An avid tweeter—@winebratsf (recently voted most Twitteriffic wineaux) & blogger, Thea runs the Wine Blogger Conference Scholarship Fund,
dedicated to ensuring that all bloggers have equal opportunities to
attend the annual conference, to learn, network and have some fun.
Thea vows to never stop learning, in wine and life and is always good for a giggle! You find her blog at

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