Krista Gawronski

Krista epitomizes our TG mantra, “have fun while doing good.” A resident of Petaluma, California, she and her husband own a sandwich shop called Mr. Pickles. What Krista is famous for around these parts, though, is her commitment to helping her community. She began a group called FABULOUS WOMEN in 2006. In Krista’s words:

“The mission is to bring a bunch of fun women together to do something social and meaningful. The hostess selects a charitable cause that is near and dear to her heart. The guests show up with appetizers, wine, and oh yeah…$20.00. After a lot of fun socializing, the hostess talks about why the cause is important to her. Guests then donate their $20.00 toward the charity. In many cases, once the guests hear why the cause is so special to the hostess, they donate more than the suggested $20.00. The evening is about celebrating women and making a difference in the lives of others. This charitable group gives us an opportunity to get out of the house, share time with other amazing women, network, and contribute toward worthy causes. Since 2006, we have raised over $34,000.00.

That’s pretty amazing. We’ve helped families in need, people who have been sick, organizations in the community, and we’ve even teamed up to support building a school in Rwanda. Starting this group has been one of the most fulfilling things that I’ve ever done. We give, we laugh, we chat, we support, we empower, we love, we connect, and we make a difference…..this is what Fabulous Women do!”

I think we can all agree, Krista is fabulous.

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